St Vlad's Is Closed
January 15, 2012 - August 25, 2012. Hi guys. :)

I really wish I knew some epic way to do this, just so that I can do justice to how amazing this RP was, but unfortunately, no such way is coming to me now, so I’ll have to do my ordinary best.

This has been the best experience possible, with everything we had - from our dictionaries, tinychat sessions, hypothetical parties - all of it, from A to Z was the best roleplay I have ever been in, the best roleplay I have ever been honored to lead. So it is with a heavy heart and a great sadness that I am making this decision, but I feel like the direction I wish to take the story in won’t be seen through with how we are working now, and in all honesty, I have lost the interest in leading this group.

I will not erase the blog, all of it holds a little piece of all of us and I’m not yet ready to give it up. Someday, maybe, I’ll revamp the academy, but unfortunately, today is the day I let it take well deserved rest. It has been an ocean of inspiration to me, bringing me many many tears of joy and sadness, equally. I will miss it all, but I feel it is time to put it to rest.

I wish the best to all of you, it has been a pleasure being a part of this with you and hope to see you in other groups and other stories waiting for your amazing talents to write them out. But, until then, goodnight and goodbye.

With love,


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